Online Sales

If you are not selling online you are simply missing out!!


Long gone are the days were sales had to be conducted face to face.  There is no need to be chucking on the suit and hitting the streets.

Using online strategies allows you to reach a far bigger audience for your business over night and when done correctly will see you open doors into new markets previously shut to you.

We offer all you need to get your company selling online immediatly.

We really are the Sales Geeks

Our Process

We don't wear suits or fancy leather shoes but we know how to get your product sold.  We just do it all online.
We have created a proven strategy that when followed will ensure we are able to open new doors for your company.

1.  Preperation

The first thing we need to do is to identify your target audience.  We will work with you to seek out new markets available to you design a plan that will enable us to reach them.

2. Campaign Creation

Before we start launching your new campaign there might be a fair bit of work we need to do first.  This could include updating your current website, writing new copy, creating new sales funnels and processes and boosting your social media presence.

3. Campaign Launch

You will be happy to know we don't let you just get on with it. Think of us as your new sales team.  Once we have all agreed on the strategy planned out, we will run it for you.  All you have to do it sit back and watch the flow of new leads and sales come through.

Let's get started with you campaign today!!!

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